I have presented my research during several international conferences and seminars. I only mention the most recent collaborative meetings in the framework of the GRANDMA, LIGO-Virgo and SVOM collaborations.

International Conference

International Seminars and Workshops

  • Seminar – Preparing O4 in the multi-messenger area, MIFA Colloquium, University of Minneapolis, USA, March 2023
  • Seminar – Coordinated the observation with GRANDMA, SNEWS weekly tel., October 2020
  • Seminar – GRANDMA and multi-messenger astronomy, ULB, Brusells, Belgique, September 2020
  • Seminar – Gravitational wave astronomy with GRANDMA, MPE, Germany, October 2019
  • Seminar – Electromagnetic counterpart of Gravitational Waves (GRB and Kilonovae with GRANDMA and SVOM), UWM, USA, April 2019
  • Talk – Multi-messenger astronomy with GRBs and GRANDMA, NASA Goddard, April 2019
  • Talk – GW170817: Observation of gravitational waves from a binary neutron star inspiral (on behalf of LIGO/Virgo), ESO, January 2018
  • Seminar – GW170817 multi-messenger discovery, National Observatory of Science, Chinese Academy of Science et Bejing Normal University, October 2017
  • Seminar – SVOM GRB Sample and Multi-messenger astronomy, NAOC, China, April 2017
  • Seminar – SVOM in the multi-messenger area (on behalf of SVOM), Cardiff University, Cardiff, June 2016
  • Seminar – The SVOM mission and the GRB detection performance of ECLAIRs, NASA Goddard, Washington, USA, February 2016

French conferences, workshops and seminars

  • Talk – Return of experience from the GRANDMA collaboration in multi-messenger area , Observatoire de haute provence, April 2022
  • Seminar – Multi-messenger astronomy, Observatoire de la côte d’Azur, Nice, November 2020
  • Seminar – GRBs and multi-messenger astronomy, Annecy, Feb 2020
  • Seminar – Kilonovae as standard candles ?, LCP, Clermont-Ferrand, Feb 2020
  • Seminar – Kilonovae in the multi-messenger area, LP2I, Lyon, Feb 2020
  • Seminar – Kilonovae and the coalescence of neutron stars, LUTH, Meudon, Janv 2020
  • Seminar – Gravitational astronomy with LIGO-Virgo and GRANDMA, LPNHE, Paris, October 2019
  • Seminar – Gravitational astronomy with LIGO-Virgo and GRANDMA, Observatoire de Strasbourg, September 2019
  • Seminar – Multi-messenger astronomy with GRANDMA and LIGO-Virgo, LAM, Marseilles, March 2019
  • Seminar – Gravitational wave astronomy with GRANDMA, CEA Saclay, March 2019
  • Seminar – Gamma-ray bursts in the context of Gravitational wave astronomy, APC, Paris, March 2019
  • Seminar – GRANDMA, a telescope network in the context of gravitational astronomy, Toulouse, IRAP, December, 2018
  • Talk – Multi-messenger astronomy with gravitational waves, SFP, Orsay, July 2017
  • Talk – Multi-messenger astronomy with gravitational waves, TS2020, Orsay, June 2017

Collaboration Meetings

  • Talk – GRANDMA collaboration (status and updates), GRANDMA workshop, Granada, August 2019
  • Talk – Low-latency Electromagnetic Structure (updates), Virgo week, Pisa, April 2019
  • Talk – Low Latency gravitational waves alerts for multi-messenger astronomy during O2, Plenary session of the LIGO-Virgo main collaboration, Maastricht, Sept 2018
  • Talk – Low-latency Electromagnetic Structure (updates), Virgo week, Pisa, Novembre 2018
  • Talk – GRANDMA collaboration and follow-up strategy, GRANDMA workshop, Nice, Nov 2018
  • Talk – Preparation for the next O3 campaign with SVOM ground follow-up, SVOM meeting, China, Sept. 2018
  • Talk : Low-latency and multi-messagers updates, Virgo week, Pisa, July 2018
  • Talk – Virgo and multi-messenger astronomy: the need of a dedicated transient data base, Virgo week, Pisa, April 2017


Press conferences

  • Interview – Updates of the O3 campaign, on behalf of the Virgo collaboration with Giovanni Prodi, International Press Telecon, May 2019