Press and Media


  • ARTICLE – “Les plus grandes explosions du cosmos”, avec R. Mochkovitch, J. Guilet, R. Raynaud LaRecherche, Printemps. I have written the section related to kilonova properties.


  • RADIO – “Astronomie multi-messager, croisez les sources“, avec M. Bizouard, La méthode scientifique, France, Culture, With M. Bizouard, describing the needs of matching the messengers for understanding the violent Universe


  • INTERVIEW – Sur l’astronomie gravitationnelle, Sciences et Avenir 872 : l’Univers violent, October 2019 – I have been interviewed for the alert system deployed by the LIGO/Virgo in case of gravitational waves detected. In this folder, the GRANDMA network is also presented as an example of following-up GW alerts to find the optical counterpart.
  • ARTICLE – « Mobilisation planétaire », laRecherche : La Nouvelle Astrophysique, September 2019 – I have written an article about the need of global coordination between telescopes and space instruments to find the electromagnetic counterpart of gravitational waves.
  • PODCASTCiel et Espace, Interview, 28 May 2019 – I have been interviewed for Gravitational waves data analysis (how to detect gravitational waves ?), the O3 follow-up campaign of LIGO-Virgo and the open science program kilonova-catcher.
  • PRESS MEDIANew Updates from the LIGO-Virgo collaboration, 2nd, May, 2019 – With Giovanni Prodi, I represented the Virgo collaboration and answered to word wide journalist questions about our recent gravitational wave alerts.


  • INTERVIEWTV 78, Journal, October 2018 – I have been interviewed about my research field “multi-messenger astronomy” and the L’Oréal-Unesco Prize for Women in Science 2018.
  • INTERVIEW“Celebrating women in science“, Science Career, 11 Fev 2018 – In this interview, I have shared my experience as being a women in Astrophysicist field.