Based on multi-messenger astronomy with gravitational waves, I have given some public talks to astronomer amateurs clubs or in cities. I am also participating to the open science program « Kilonova-catcher » of the GRANDMA consortium. It consists in participation of the amateurs astronomers to the follow-up of gravitational waves to find the optical signal « Kilonova ».



  • PUBLIC LECTURE – Gravitational wave astronomy, Société Astronomique de France Groupe d’Alsace, Sept 2019
  • Mini-Talk at Paris Air Show – Gravitational wave astronomy, Stand du CNES, June 2019


  • WEBSITE – Start of the GRANDMA website that explains the collaboration, the science objectives and give some updates of the observations


  • SCHOOL ACTIVITY – Presentation of astronomy to « collégiens de 3ème » with Sébastien Dubos, Collège Hélène Boucher, Voisins le Bretonneux, France


  • SCHOOL ACTIVITY – Solar eclipse with « classes de primaires CM1-CM2 » with Sébastien Dubos, Saint Rémy les Chevreuse, France


  • SCHOOL ACTIVITY – Scientific animation during Master’s day – Presentation of the CEA/Irfu departement to Masters students.


  • EXPOSITION – Scientific animation exposition Zoom, organized by CEA/Irfu, Orsay France